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In Tribe, we have a good track record for retaining good talents. This further adds to the benefit of attracting solid employees searching for long-term employment.

Here’s why quality, motivated, and customer-focused candidates will work for Tribe.

Tribe’s job is to implement and regularly oversee employee/management interaction policies. We always double-check that policies are in place and functioning properly. We continuously make sure that our employees’ opinions and concerns are heard.

Additional training is valued by Tribe employees. Tribe’s ability to provide specific lessons or workshops on a skill set that the employee does not already possess is a huge plus for the employee’s future. Cross training is also useful to the business.

Offering a comprehensive health insurance package and a company-sponsored retirement plan is a good approach to demonstrate to employees at all levels that the firm is completely committed to them.
Another reason a prospective employee could select one foodservice company over another is incentives. Offering an extra vacation day or weekend night off in exchange for exceptional service, as well as employee discounts and incentives, is sure to attract top talent.

All employees want to be paid fairly, offering a competitive compensation is another strategy to recruit good workers.
The Contact Center sector is already competitive enough without squandering opportunities to obtain a competitive advantage.

Current Job Opening

Telco Customer Service

Gain valuable insights to improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and company culture.

Telco Telesales Executive

Collect data from your customer base to insure customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Device Customer Service – Khmer Language

Assess your target markets and customers to develop and maintain a competitive advantage.

Device Customer Service – Singhala Language

Data require different types of analyses. especially of psychological research and surveys.

Team Leader

Consulting and training on how to move from data to action in three weeks.


Gain valuable insights to improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and company culture.